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Our Approach

Relief Mental Health focuses on supporting children, teens, and adults with mental health challenges and behavioral disorders through videoconferencing appointments. That means you can meet with us from the comfort of your home or wherever is most convenient for you! We work with clients residing in Oregon, Texas, and Washington State. Each of our clients receives individual appointments and dedicated attention to their needs.


As part of your care, we will listen to you and discuss your strengths and hopes for your treatment. Relief Mental Health uses a culturally responsive, integrated model of care to serve diverse clients and their families. We continually seek opportunities and innovative approaches to support client’s emotional and mental health, focusing on the whole person and whole family. Your treatment will encompass your holistic health to improve your overall well-being and support your path to healing and recovery.


Our medication management services consider your symptoms, treatment goals, and physical health, as well as developmental considerations for children and teens. We know that finding the right medication or combination of medications and dosage can be a challenge. But with over a decade of experience and clinical expertise in complex patients with multiple diagnoses, we can help you discover the most effective and well-tolerated treatment to facilitate your recovery.

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